Andis AGRV Powergroom+ Clippers

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Andis® AGRV Powergroom+ Clipper

The Andis AGRV Powergroom+ Clipper features 5 adjustable speed settings to provide more control and clipper speed. A built-in memory chip recalls the last speed setting used, even after the clipper is turned off and with 25% more power, this Clipper stands up to the toughest grooming jobs. The five speed settings provide easy cutting control on all types of coat. A great all round clipper for professional groomers.

*Powerful clipper for complete animal grooming
*5-speed settings reduce blade heat and provide more control and clipper speed according to pet's coat thickness
*Detachable blades for easy cleaning - uses 'snap-on' system blades and is compatible with all other brands
*Comes with a #10 blade
*Locking blade hinge - keeps blade secure
*Easy-to-use, touch button speed controls
*Handy 360° rotating, tangle-free cord


 Please note: This clipper may not be kept in stock - please contact us if needed urgently

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