Snap-on Blades

A range of 'snap-on' system clipper blades from popular brands Aesculap, Oster, Andis and Mastercut.

Do I want a #7 or a #7FC???

It's a question we commonly get asked & it is up to you which blade you choose, depending on what kind of look you want to create...

A #7 blade will leave a layered look on the coat, as it has two sets of teeth with alternate lengths on the blade for a natural finish. This is commonly known as a 'skip tooth'.
A #7FC will leave the coat one length, as all the teeth are on one level for a smooth finish. Great for that 'show finish' look! This is commonly known as a 'full tooth'.

Please be aware, that due to the high turn around of blade stock, it is possible the size or brand you have chosen could be out of stock!
If you require an item urgently, we highly recommend calling us to check the stocks available on 08454 68 64 67 before you order. Thanks.