Opawz Colour Chalks

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Opawz Colour Chalks

Opawz Chalks are temporary and do not compromise the coat in any way. These chalks well to the pets hair with bright and vibrant colours. It shows on dark as well as light coloured coats. Opawz Pet Hair Chalk meets human cosmetic standards and contains no industrial pigments, safe for people and pets. 4g Compact.

Directions for use: Rub onto the dry coat in the desired area, or spray a very fine mist of water onto the desired area and rub the OPAWZ Pet Temporary Colour Pet Chalk on a strand of hair, then turn the strand over to do both sides. Once you have achieved your desired look, gently brush through. 

Not suitable for cats

Available in a variety of fabulous colours. Make your selection from the drop down menu...


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