• 250ml Santa Paws Fragrance Spray

250ml Santa Paws Fragrance Spray

  • Brand: Mutneys
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250ml Santa Paws Fragrance Spray

Mutneys perfumed finishing sprays come in a range of revitalizing, tantalizing fragrance. An alcohol-based perfume, enabling the scent to come to life as the alcohol evaporates away. The scent is then rejuvenated if the dog becomes wet, up to one week after. Our range of sprays do not leave a wet or sticky residue on the coat after spraying.

*Made in the UK
*Ethanol Based
*Quick Drying
*Long Lasting Fragrances


Mutneys 'santa paws' Finishing Spray has a delightful orange and cinnamon fragrance. The perfect scent to embody the festive season.

Please note: This product contains Cinnamon oil.


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