Large Point of Sale Unit

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Large Point Of Sale Unit - RRP's Over £260!


Why don't you become a Mutneys stockist?


For use as a promotional tool we have designed a point of purchase unit to hold a range of our Mutneys brushes, combs, shampoos and sprays for you to retail to your clients and customers who will love having the opportunity to pamper their dogs at home with their favourite shampoos and fragrant finishing sprays used in your salon. The large point of sale unit will fit perfectly in a Salon environment and is made of coated steel, so it's nice and solid and will last for years!


The unit comes fully stocked with a specially selected range of our best-selling products, including the following:

3 x 7" All Metal Combs
3 x Medium Slickers
3 x Bamboo Handled Dematting Combs

3 x 250ml Coconut Shampoo - for silky coats
3 x 250ml Furry Godmother Shampoo - general purpose
3 x 250ml Hypo-allergenic Shampoo - for sensitive skin
3 x 250ml Avocado & Watercress Shampoo - general purpose
3 x 250ml Berry Blue Shampoo - for white coats
3 x 250ml Soothe & Calm Shampoo - first aid for skin

3 x 50ml Baby Fragrance Spray - subtle baby scent
3 x 50ml C-Canine Fragrance Spray - light universal cologne
3 x 50ml Tropicana Fragrance Spray - mixed tropical fruits
3 x 50ml Mandarin & Lemongrass Fragrance Spray - rejuvenating citrus
3 x 50ml Hu-mungo Fragrance Spray - earthy male fragrance
3 x 50ml Furry Godmother Fragrance Spray - add some magic


Prefer something else? You can swap items or custom choose the contents - please let us know what you would like instead, just list them in the 'comments about your order' section at the checkout!

Please note: We also offer bulk rates for when you come round to restocking your unit, see appropriate listings for our retail packs or email for our most up to date prices.


The image used on this listing is for representational purposes only! Design of backing cards and Contents may differ slightly, but is accurate to the list above.


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