• Mutneys Refillable Fragrance Sample Pack

Mutneys Refillable Fragrance Sample Pack

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mutneys Refillable Fragrance Sample Pack

If you're looking for a new supplier or simply want to try before you buy, then our Sample Pack is perfect to give you and idea of the quality you should expect from our Fragrance Sprays.
Only want to try one? Simply give us a call on 01948 841 470 or pop over an email to sales@mutneys.com


Our mutneys Sample Pack contains 10ml SAMPLES
of all our fragrance sprays, including:

*10ml Hu-mungo Fragrance
*10ml Baby Fragrance
*10ml Berry Bliss Fragrance
*10ml C-Canine Fragrance
*10ml D-for Fragrance
*10ml Calming Lavender Fragrance
*10ml Furry Godmother Fragrance
*10ml Jasmine & Rose Fragrance
*10ml Mandarin & Lemongrass Fragrance
*10ml Caramel Cream Fragrance
*10ml Soft Musk Fragrance
*10ml Pure & Sensual Fragrance
*10ml Sweet Strawberry Fragrance
*10ml Tropicana Fragrance
*10ml Avocado & Watercress Fragrance
*10ml Vanilla Fragrance
*10ml Candy Canine Fragrance


Please be aware these samples come in our 50ml size bottles, so there will only be a small sample sized amount in the bottom of each bottle - this will be a minimum of approximately 10ml.
These 50ml bottles when full retail at £6.00 each.

Please note: Items sold within the pack are subject to stocks available and customer will be notified. The pack contains ONE of each of the Mutneys Fragrance range and the contents cannot be customised.


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