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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 11:39

Students & Colleges Information

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Mutneys Grooming Training Centres 2018 WEB

Are you a student?
Fill in our sign up form below and we can get you set up for your 10% Mutneys student discount.


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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 17:07

Why Buy From Mutneys

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Listen Up! To Some Great Reasons To Buy From MutneysiStock 000013228405 LargeWEB

Changing your supplier can often be an overwhelming task, especially with there being so many options available nowadays. Every day we are contacted by either groomers looking to switch shampoos, or those new to grooming who need to get set up with all their new equipment.

As manufacturers we're in a great position to help your business, by cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you, for dozens of products. Simply contact us and we'll give you a full quote on your shampoo and general salon supply requirements within 24 hours. You can also find out more about the company and our ethos by clicking here.


6 reasons to consider Mutneys:

  • With over two decades of experience within the industry, we can offer a wealth of knowledge and advice on grooming and the best products to use. Our advice is always free, just give us a call – 01948 841 470

  • In the month of October 2017, 144 UK businesses ordered from Mutneys for the first time. That’s not even including our eBay or Amazon web shops, from which we receive several new customers daily.

  • We offer FREE standard delivery on all orders over £85 inc VAT. All courier parcels are sent on a 24hr service as standard*.

  • A caring company, we’re always working on reducing our Carbon Paw Print. Mutneys also recycles waste, supports British companies and uses responsibly sourced materials wherever we possibly can.

  • We’re always creating new products and adding to our range, bringing you the products you want. Got a fragrance suggestion? Let us know! We also offer FREE Mutneys product samples, available upon request^.

  • We want to save you money – Mutneys offer various special bulk buy prices on top of our already competitive pricing. You can benefit from our great discounts, commissions and loyalty schemes, simply contact us to find out more.
*applies to parcels sent via courier only and is based on the weight and dimensions of the goods. Other services apply for small packets and large palletised goods.
^quantity limits apply per customer.


Thursday, 27 July 2017 12:34 Written by

Damaged or Itchy Skin

Does your dog constantly scratch without any sign of fleas? Have you noticed dry patches of skin or even dandruff flaking off into your dog's bed?
Unfortunately some breeds of dogs suffer from sensitive skin, hot spots, seasonal allergies and skin infections*; conditions like these can wreak havoc on your dog's skin and coat. Mutneys can offer a helping paw with this problem, we can offer a couple of helpful shampoos that have been specifically developed for these issues...

If a dog suffers with itchy skin, they can benefit from shampoos that use ingredients like Geranium oil, which is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, with soothing properties. When anti-septic or anti-fungal action is needed, a shampoo with Lavender oil may just be what the Vet ordered! Our Soothe & Calm Shampoo contains both of these caring oils.

With sensitive-skinned dogs; sometimes it is as much what is NOT in the product, as what is and in cases like this a shampoo free from fragrance and colourants is recommended. Our Hypo-allergenic Shampoo contains just the basic ingredients needed to offer great cleaning properties without the extras.

Soothe Calm ShampooHQ     Hypo allergenic ShampooHQ

                    View 'Sooth & Calm'                                                    View 'Hypo-allergenic'

*Some particular breeds that could be affected are often short-haired, but also include...
Short-Haired Terriers
Doberman Pinschers
Labrador Retrievers

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:44

Brush Guide

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When brushing your pet for the first time, it’s important to be gentle and take your time. Be especially careful when removing mats or tangles. Brushing can and should be a pleasant experience for your dog or cat, as the repetitive motions feel good on their skin, much like stroking. Be patient and you can make brushing a procedure your pet will invite, rather than avoid. The best way to build trust and make this an enjoyable bonding time for both of you is to brush your pet often, daily if possible. Regular brushing can also prevent problem mats and tangles from developing, that can often cause your dog or cat discomfort.

Brushes Banner For Guide

Brush Types

So how do we go about choosing the right brush? This is an important first step for even the most basic home grooming. Although there are many different shapes and sizes, there are basically three different brush types:

Bristle brushes - can be used on all coat types and vary according to the length and spacing between bristles. In general, the longer the hair coat, the more widely spaced and longer the bristles should be. Also, the coarser the hair, the stiffer those bristles need to be.

Ancol Ergo Palm Bristle Brush
Double Sided Bristle/Pin Brush

Pin brushes - with or without cushioned tips, are the preferred choice for pets with medium to long hair and those with curly or woolly coats.

Ancol Flexible Palm Pin Brush
Double Sided Bristle/Pin Brush
Rubber Cushion Pin Brush

Slicker brushes - have fine wire pins and are especially useful for removing undercoat, matts and tangles. You can also get slicker brushes with a flexible head to better aid matt removal.

We have a wide range of slicker brushes with varying pin types and sizes - see the selection here
Single No Knots Flexible Slicker Brush
Double No Knots Flexible Slicker Brush


Coat Types

The right brush and brushing technique will depend on your pets hair type...

Short, smooth coats – are probably the easiest to care for from a grooming point of view. Brushing once or twice a week with a bristle brush to remove excess fur and prevent shedding is usually sufficient. Brush with the coat's growth using a soft to medium bristle brush with short, closely spaced bristles.
Dog Breed examples: most Retrievers, Hounds, Chihuahuas, Pointers, etc.
Cat Breed examples:
British Shorthairs, Burmese, Manx, Bengals, Savannahs, etc.


Wiry coats - using either a high quality firm pin or a bristle brush with short, closely spaced bristles are ideal for regular grooming of these breeds. A daily brushing with the coats growth will help to keep a wiry coat from matting.
Breed examples: Terriers, Schnauzers, Wire-haired Dachshunds, etc.


Medium to long coats - Brush with the coat's growth using a wire-pin brush or a soft to medium bristle brush with long, medium to wide-spaced bristles. Use a slicker brush for mats and tangles. These brushes when used regularly can give the coat a polished shine. To reduce shedding, brush out the undercoat with an undercoat rake on a regular basis.
Breed examples: Golden Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters, Lhasa Apsos, etc.


Harsh outer coats with soft, woolly undercoats - Brush with the growth on the outer coat and against the growth on the undercoat using a wire-pin brush or a firm bristle brush with long, wide-spaced bristles. Use a slicker brush for tangles and mats. Because these dogs have undercoats, it’s essential to follow up by brushing through with an undercoat rake, to remove loose hair that collects in that region. Don’t apply too much pressure when using an undercoat rake or you could scratch your pet’s skin.
Breed examples: Sheepdogs, Collies, Shepherds, Chows, Pomeranians, etc.


Thin, delicate coats - Brush with and against the coat's growth using a wire-pin brush and a soft slicker brush for tangles and mats. Be sure to choose a brush with coated pins to avoid scratching your pet’s delicate skin. Pets with thin, delicate hair should be brushed dry. A wet coat makes the fur weaker and even more delicate which can result in hair loss and damage.
Dog Breed examples: Afghans, Yorkies, Maltese, etc.
Cat Breed examples: Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Persians, etc.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016 16:01


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We frequently get asked if we offer 'Trade Accounts' and as we primarily sell directly to Professional Groomers, the answer is no. Our customers pay the same no matter who they are and everyone has the option to save by buying larger sizes or quantities.


We offer specially priced 'Trade Size' bottles of many of the products that we manufacture and to save you even more money on larger quantities, we also offer bulk rates on these trade sizes - for example if you buy 4 or more of the same variety of Shampoo or Conditioner you can save an additional 25% on our usual trade price.


Many of our customers are interested in selling Mutneys products in their Salons and Pet Shops, so we have put together a couple of attractive point of sale units, which are fully stocked with best-selling products. Alongside these we have retail packs which, with great discounts, can be used to restock your point of sale unit, or can even just be sold on their own.
For our full range of retail packs and POS units, see the Retail & Wholesale Products section of our online shop. 

5 x 250ml Peach Passionfruit Shampoo                          Table POS Unit 2015

If you would like to buy any product in larger quantities, we can offer bulk rates on everything we sell, not just our own manufactured items. If you would like more information on this, please send us an email detailing your interests, or requirements to and we would be happy to put together a quote for you.


Friday, 19 June 2015 11:34

Thank you for contacting Mutneys

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Thank you for contacting Mutneys, we will be in touch soon!

Need an answer quicker??
Why not give us a call on 01948 841 470 (local rate) lines available Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.

Friday, 19 June 2015 11:31

Contact Us

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Please use address below for all mailing correspondence:

Mutneys Ltd
P.O. Box 52

Phone: 08454 68 64 67 (local rate) or 01948 841 470

International: +44 1948 841470

Mobile: 07968 861 593

All lines are available during our opening hours of Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (this excudes bank holidays)


Want to visit Mutneys?


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Friday, 19 June 2015 11:29

Shampoo Guide

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Caring for different breeds and coat types

Dogs’ skin differs from Human skin, as it has a higher pH level. Because their skin and hair have different requirements than ours, it only makes sense to use a shampoo designed specifically for their needs.
Mutneys shampoos have been developed with an optimal blend of gentle cleansing agents and conditioners. They are specially formulated to clean deeply without drying the coat or destroying the skin's pH balance. Each formula contains a unique blend of ingredients which can be diluted down, rinse out well and will promote the health of the skin and coat.
From breed-to-breed, a dog's skin and coats needs vary greatly. If their skin or coat does not appear healthy, we recommend talking to your Vet to determine the cause and receive suggested solutions. Veterinary dermatologists know that using the correct shampoo and skin products can be vital to the health of a dog's skin and coat.
When choosing the best shampoo for a dog, it is often helpful to consider various factors based on their needs...

NORMAL HAIR - for the dogs that are fortunate to have a healthy skin and coat, their needs are simple. A pH balanced formula designed to clean and condition. Any general purpose shampoo with natural based ingredients and fresh clean scents will work perfectly for dogs with normal hair.

See our complete general purpose range here.

KNOTTED COAT – lots of breeds need regular brushing and coat maintenance. Sometimes an owner’s busy lifestyle can get in the way of this and sometimes a dog can have a penchant for jumping in rivers or bombing through undergrowth; as a result you will find yourself with the knottiest of dogs in front of you. More often than not, this all has to come off with a number 10, but if there’s a chance the coat can be salvaged, without being clipped, we’ve got the tools to help.

Use our Anti-Tangle Shampoo, followed by the Satin Conditioning Balm. Our Anti-Tangle Spray can also really benefit the dematting and brushing out stage – you can see our range of dematting tools, brushes and combs suitable for the job here.

DRY SKIN OR BRITTLE COAT - dull coats and dry skin can be caused by either health issues or environmental factors. In addition to specific treatments for any medical conditions, dogs with these issues can benefit from shampoos and conditioners that offer extra moisturising effects for the skin and coat. Enriching moisturisers and vitamins will help to rebuild dry damaged coats and keep skin supple.

We recommend using either our Coat Repair Shampoo, or our Anti-Tangle Shampoo accompanied by our Satin Conditioning Balm.

Top Tip – Use our Triple C – Complete Coat Care Spray to keep the coat maintained between baths.

DAMAGED OR ITCHY SKIN - some dogs suffer from sensitive skin, hot spots, seasonal allergies and skin infections. Conditions like these can wreak havoc on your dog's skin and coat. If a dog suffers with itchy skin, they can benefit from shampoos that use ingredients like Geranium oil, which is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, with soothing properties. With sensitive-skinned dogs; sometimes it is as much what is NOT in the product, as what is and in cases like this a shampoo free from fragrance and colourants is recommended. When anti-septic or anti-fungal action is needed, a shampoo with Lavender oil may just be what the Vet ordered!

The best solutions to these issues would be from either our Soothe & Calm Shampoo, or Hypo-allergenic Shampoo.

DIRTY, GREASY OR SMELLY COAT - dog coats can differ depending on their breed and hair type. Sometimes dogs have oilier coats or skin and coat problems that can create a more obvious smell than others. In other instances the dog may be a "roller", who just loves to rub themselves into the worst smelling item they can find, which is usually Fox poo! If the odor is related to bacteria or yeast problem, a shampoo with an anti-fungal essential oil is a good choice.

We recommend our super concentrated Deep Clean Shampoo, or for fungal smells our Calming Lavender Shampoo could offer a beneficial solution.

PUPPIES - generally have a more sensitive skin and coat than adult dogs and are less used to bathing. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a shampoo created exclusively for puppies, preferably with a tearless formula to ensure bath time is a pleasant experience from the beginning.

The best option would either be our Gentle Puppy Shampoo, or Hypo-allergenic Shampoo.

COLOURED COAT – dogs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and ofcourse colours. Sometimes their coats can appear dull, lifeless and faded. We have a range of colour friendly shampoos that use specially selected ingredients to naturally enhance the colours, without the use of harsh chemicals like bleaching agents or dyes.

We have three best selling shampoos to offer:
- All Black Shampoo – for black, brindle, silver and spotted coats.
- Berry Blue Shampoo – for white, blenheim and spotted coats.
- Golden Caramel Shampoo – for brown, brindle, copper and apricot coats.


500ml Shampoo Selection For Ebay 500ml Shampoo Selection For Ebay 2



Caring for your shampoo

Don’t forget, your Shampoo needs looking after too! Help keep your products for longer and get more use out of them, by following these 3 simple tips:

  1. Always shake before use - Lots of shampoos with natural oils and conditioning agents can separate when sat for long periods of time. All-natural products also tend not to last as long as those with additives in, so keep an eye on these liquids.
  2. Always close the lid firmly after use - to ensure foreign elements like dog hair do not enter the bottle. You should avoid letting any contaminants in the bottle, as even air and water can contain bacteria. You can often keep products for longer by using pumps instead of lids, as these keep water and other contaminants out.
  3. Avoid storing the product in direct sunlight - as bacteria love damp, warm spaces. This can also cause the product to separate. Even when left sealed; exposure to heat and humidity can degrade shampoos over time, so try to keep them stored in a cool, dry place.
    Our shampoo has a long shelf life of approximately 30 months from purchase, but if in doubt, you can call us for advice or simply throw away any products that have drastically changed in smell or consistency.


Friday, 19 June 2015 11:29 Written by

Meet the Team 2017

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