We frequently get asked if we offer 'Trade Accounts' and as we primarily sell directly to Professional Groomers, the answer is no. Our customers pay the same no matter who they are and everyone has the option to save by buying larger sizes or quantities.


We offer specially priced 'Trade Size' bottles of many of the products that we manufacture and to save you even more money on larger quantities, we also offer bulk rates on these trade sizes - for example if you buy 4 or more of the same variety of Shampoo or Conditioner you can save an additional 25% on our usual trade price.


Many of our customers are interested in selling Mutneys products in their Salons and Pet Shops, so we have put together a couple of attractive point of sale units, which are fully stocked with best-selling products. Alongside these we have retail packs which, with great discounts, can be used to restock your point of sale unit, or can even just be sold on their own.
For our full range of retail packs and POS units, see the Retail & Wholesale Products section of our online shop. 

5 x 250ml Peach Passionfruit Shampoo                          Table POS Unit 2015

If you would like to buy any product in larger quantities, we can offer bulk rates on everything we sell, not just our own manufactured items. If you would like more information on this, please send us an email detailing your interests, or requirements to and we would be happy to put together a quote for you.