100ml Cleansing Face Wash Retail Pack

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Mutneys 100ml Cleansing Face Wash Retail Pack - 10 x 100ml

Our new Mutneys Cleansing Face Wash has been developed within working Salons and we have received some amazing feedback so far.
This face wash is based on the same hypo-allergenic formula as all of our Shampoo range and is both gentle yet effective, it deeply cleanses whilst gradually removing any stains, leaving the face looking fresh and rejuvenated. For best results, use neat, a little goes a long way!
It's so gentle it can even be used in conjunction with Tear Stain Remover.

Our retail packs bring you great discounts, so you can resell Mutneys products in your Salon or Pet Shop and make a profit for yourself.
This retail pack offers a great saving of 35% off the RRP!

These 100ml size Cleansing Face Wash currently retail at £4.00 each.


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