Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Anti-Fatigue Mat

Feet hurting after a long day grooming??

Try one of our highly versatile and heavy duty anti-fatigue mats, which relieves fatigue caused by prolonged standing. Simply pop it on the floor in your work space and stand on it throughout the day. The raised surface texture increases slip resistance to improve circulation and ease tiredness in the feet. Made from 100% Rubber.

Tried and tested by us at Crufts!

Choose your size:

90cm x 60cm - £25.00
90cm x 120cm - £35.00


The Facts

There are millions of people that spend most of their working day on their feet, standing for many hours in very static positions.This particularly affects busy groomers and by standing all day, you are using 20% more
energy compared to those that sit down to do their work. Our bodies are just not designed to stand, working for these long amounts of time and you may find that you will experience back pain and possibly muscular strain in other parts of your body.

Did you know?
Anti-fatigue mats have been proven that they can help...

- Reduce lower back pain, by relieving pressure on the spine and reducing strain on muscles in the back.
- Promote good posture, by stimulating cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation.
- Prevent stiffness in your joints, by making natural, frequent minor changes to your standing position.
- Reduce headaches, by easing tension in your shoulders and neck.
- Reduce energy consumption, by relieving tension and supporting muscles.
- Reduces foot pressure through the cushioned rubber.


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