• Standard Starter Pack

Standard Starter Pack

  • Brand: Mutneys
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Standard Starter Pack

Our mutneys Standard Starter Pack Contains:

*mutneys Flat Folding Table
*mutneys Clamp on Control Post
*mutneys Heated Blaster Dryer - with stand or Dexter Dryer
*Andis SUPER 2 speed Clippers
*Andis #10 Blade (included with Clippers)
*Andis #15 Blade
*Andis #7FC Blade
*Andis #5FC Blade
*Andis #4FC Blade
*Wahl 'snap-on' Comb Attachments - set of 8
*Clipper Care Pack - Blade Oil, Blade Wash, Clipper Cooling Spray
*mutneys 7.5" Scissors
*mutneys Curved 7.5" Scissors
*mutneys 6" Foot Scissors
*mutneys 6.5" Thinning Scissors
*mutneys 8" Poodle Scissors
*mutneys 7" Metal Comb
*mutneys Medium Slicker Brush
*mutneys Undercoat Rake
*Med Quick Stop
*Small Nail Cutters
*Large Nail Cutters
*12 Blade Coat Master
*Matt Breaker Knot Hook
*Grooming Tunic (You choose style and size)
*Standard Control Strap Set x 1
*Large Control Strap x 1
*Belly Strap x 2
*mutneys Basket Muzzle Pack (size 2,4 & 6)
*mutneys 1ltr Avocado & Watercress Shampoo
*mutneys 1ltr Hypo-allergenic Shampoo
*mutneys 1ltr Multi-Use Conditioner
*mutneys 250ml Baby Finishing Spray
*mutneys 250ml C-Canine Finishing Spray
*mutneys 300ml Complete Coat Care Spray

Please note: Images used are for representation only, contents may differ. Items sold within the pack are subject to stocks available, if any items need to be subsitituted, the closest possible equivalent will be sent and customer will be notified, if you would like to know this information before you buy it is recommended to order this pack over the phone or email us before hand.


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