• Student Essentials Starter Pack

Student Essentials Starter Pack

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Student Essentials Starter Pack

This Starter Pack is made up of essential pieces of grooming equipment that have been specially selected to meet the needs of any new Groomer!
You can even choose your preferred Clipper of choice...


Pack Contains:

*2 or 3 Speed Clippers
*#10 Blade (might be included in clipper box)
*#7F Blade
*#5F Blade
*#4F Blade
*#3F Blade
*Clipper Care Pack
- includes 500ml Blade Wash, 250ml Clipper Cooling Spray & 150ml Blade Oil
*7" All Metal Comb
*Small Slicker Brush
*Medium Slicker Brush
*Large Slicker Brush
*Small Nail Cutters
*Large Nail Cutters
*5.5"/6.5” Single-sided Thinning Scissor
*5” Straight Scissor
*7.5” Straight Scissor
*6.5” Straight Scissor
*Small Quick Stop
*Dematting Comb
*Small Ear Powder
*Straight/Curved Ear Forceps

Choose your Clipper:

Andis AGC2 2 Speed

Andis AGC SUPER 2 Speed

Oster Golden A5 2 Speed

Oster A6 Slim 3 Speed

Please make your Clipper selection from the drop down menu...

You will receive Blades of the corresponding brand to the Clipper chosen: Andis Clipper = Andis Blades


You will also receive a FREE Mutneys Shampoo & Fragrance Taster Pack - worth £30!


Important Notice - Prices already include a 15% Starter Pack Discount and you cannot use any additional discounts when purchasing this pack.

Please note: Images used are for representation only, contents may differ. Items sold within the pack are subject to stocks available, if any items need to be subsitituted, the closest possible equivalent will be sent and customer will be notified, if you would like to know this information before you buy it is recommended to order this pack over the phone or email us before hand.


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