Sharpening & Servicing


All Mutneys Sharpening & Servicing is now handled by HRE - Harry Roberts Engineering

Harry Roberts at HRE is an experienced former employee and has been fully trained at Mutneys for several years.

You can send in your equipment to the '2 St Chads, Primrose Lane, Prees, Shropshire SY13 2EH' address as normal and simply mark it for Harry's attention.
HRE are also available for any Clipper or Mutneys Blaster repairs and/or warranty servicing required. All pricing will remain the same.
For further information regarding Sharpening & Servicing by HRE, email or call 07834 203 924 and Harry will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

Available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Should you have any queries and need any advice or parts at all, please feel free to contact Mutneys as normal on 01948 841 470.


Current Pricing - Sept 2018

Blades & Scissors: £6.25 per item
Wide or Horse Blades: £7.25 per item

NB - We do NOT sharpen Ceramic or Adjustable length blades eg. Arco, Bravmini, Pro600i, Akkurata etc.

Priority Service: £5.00 per consignment - your equipment goes to the front of the queue!

Clipper Service: from £28.00
Clipper Repair: from £12.00
Blaster Service: from £35.00
Blaster Repair: from £20.00

NB - Servicing & Repair pricing does NOT include any parts that may be required, but does include PAT testing.


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