• SaferAir Small Air Purifier

SaferAir Small Air Purifier

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SaferAir Small Air Purifier - £38.95

The SaferAir purifier utilises science and nature to distribute micron particles of 'Guardian' essential oil formula into the surrounding environment using vapour NANO technology.

A safe, easy, stress free way to remove unpleasant odours such as urine and sweat, pets and smoke in any situation. Using all natural, chemical free ingredients this unit eliminates bad odours and leaves a pleasant aroma by dispensing essential oil vapour molecules into the atmosphere.The purifier uses biotechnology to disperse Essential Oil vapour without the use of heat or water; these micron particles leave NO residue and do not fall onto furniture, unlike cheaper diffusers that use water.

SaferAir purifiers are used in care facilities, hotels, offices and homes throughout the U.K. and are proven to eliminate bad odours and control the spread of M.R.S.A., c difficile, and other airborne bacteria*.

The diffuser is powered by batteries (3x2AA) or by USB lead (which is included in the diffuser box). Plug the diffuser into your computer or into your USB mains adaptor, we do not supply the adaptor for this unit.

- Compact and quiet, it is perfect for grooming salons
- Powerful, effective and easy to use
- Eliminate bad odours
- Economical to run
- Cover greater areas than traditional aerosol sprays and plug-ins
- Reduce airborne bacteria by 80%*

*Independently verified test results

Product Specification:
13cm (5”) tall and 9cm (3.5”) diameter.
Perfect for areas to up to 25m2
The purifier is powered by batteries (3x2AA) or by USB lead mains adaptor.

Includes unit and 100ml of Guardian Diffuser Oil


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