Wahl Bravmini Trimmer

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Wahl® Bravmini Cordless Trimmer

*Powerful, rechargeable trimmer with a long battery life.
*Quiet, cool running dog clipper delivers comfort and ease of use.
*Ideal for hard to reach areas and for use on cats or skittish dogs.
*100 minutes of cordless operation.

The Wahl Bravmini Trimmer is a powerful rechargeable trimmer designed for professional groomer use. Enjoy the precision clipping demanded by professionals using this cordless trimmer. Cordless operation lets you groom anywhere on a pet without your maneuverability inhibited by a cord. The Bravmini runs for 100 minutes cordless on a fully charged battery, and offers low vibration and quiet running, which makes it ideal for use on cats or around the faces of skittish dogs. This compact trimmer features a snap-on chromium plated blade and offers a close cut to 0.4mm (equivalent to #50). It also includes a LED charging light and efficient Ni-MH battery.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you charge ALL cordless trimmers or clippers for at least 12 hours before their first use, in order to ensure the batteries optimum performance and longevity.

Includes: Cordless trimmer, adjustable blade, charging stand, 4 attachment combs, cleaning brush and blade oil.

Colours May Vary.

Please note: This Trimmer might not be kept in stock, check availability if required urgently.

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