Max & Lucy Dry Dog Shampoo

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Max & Lucy Dry Dog Shampoo

Avoid bathtime drama, with this new advanced formula for longer lasting freshness, without a single drop of water! A convenient and fast solution to clean your dog between washes. 100% natural, with Lavender essential oil. Great for their coats, because it's completely free from all chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Pack contains: 1 x Refillable Powder Bulb Dispenser, with 4 x 75g Sachet refills.

Sachet refills can also be bought seperately *Coming Soon!*


Cut along a corner and fill the powder bulb with one sachet slowly. You can use the cardboard funnel supplied to help
1 sachet will give at least 8 cleans for a large dog and for smaller dogs, a sachet will last for at least 15 applications.
Simply use the bulb dispenser to puff the powder onto the dog’s fur.
Hold the bulb upright, or at a slight angle. Do not turn upside down, as this will cause the powder to block the holes.
Brush or massage into the fur and wipe away any excess.


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