Enki Pooch Disposable Dog Towels

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Enki Pooch - Revolutionary Eco Friendly Dog Towel - 60cm x 100cm

The worlds first luxurious eco-friendly dog towel, they're cost effective and high quality. Eliminate washing & drying dirty towels. Each pack contains 3 x Pooch towels. Waterproof & re-sealable bag. If you have a big or small dog these towels will do the job, you can even cut to desired size. Leave Muddy Paws Outdoors!

  • Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Re-usable.
  • Safe For All Pets, 100% Hygienic.
  • Eliminate Washing & Drying Dirty Smelly Towels.
  • Pooch Towels Can Be Recycled, They Are Kind To The Environment


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