Clamp On Single Arm Control Post

  • Brand: Mutneys
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Clamp On Control Post - Single Arm

Need a control post that you can remove when required?

Our Mutneys control posts clamp on to the side of any table or work top, so you can angle them exactly where you want to do your grooming and then put them away when you are finished.

The single arm control post is hand-crafted from sturdy box steel and consists of an upright post that attaches to your table via an adjustable clamp, with a 45° arm that can be set to the height of your choice. The arm also has two rings for you to safely clip control straps to.

 *image used is for representational purposes only, finish on final product may differ slightly in colour and texture

PLEASE NOTE: Control post is currently issued with a textured black powder coat finish and could need making before it can be sent out, lead times may vary.


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