• Mutneys Shampoo Sample Pack

Mutneys Shampoo Sample Pack

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mutneys Shampoo & Conditioner Sample Pack

If you're looking for a new supplier or simply want to try before you buy, then our Sample Pack is perfect to give you and idea of the quality you should expect from our Shampoos and Conditioners.
Only want to try one? Simply give us a call on 01948 841 470 or pop over an email to sales@mutneys.com


Our mutneys Sample Pack contains 100ml samples of all our shampoo range, including:

*100ml Avocado & Watercress Shampoo
*100ml Orange Zest Shampoo
*100ml Peach & Passionfruit Shampoo
*100ml Furry Godmother Shampoo
*100ml Candy Canine Shampoo
*100ml Mandarin & Lemongrass Shampoo
*100ml Hypo-allergenic Shampoo
*100ml Berry Blue Shampoo
*100ml All Black Shampoo
*100ml Golden Caramel Shampoo
*100ml Coconut Shampoo
*100ml Dewberry Shampoo
*100ml Gentle Puppy Shampoo
*100ml Calming Lavender Shampoo
*100ml Pure & Sensual Shampoo
*100ml Anti-tangle Shampoo
*100ml Deep Clean Shampoo
*100ml Natural Flea Shampoo
*100ml Coat Repair Shampoo
*100ml Soothe & Calm Shampoo
*100ml Hydrobath Shampoo
*100ml Multi-Use Conditioner
*100ml Satin Conditioning Balm


Please note: Items sold within the pack are subject to stocks available and customer will be notified. The pack contains ONE of each of the Mutneys Shampoo & Conditioner range and the contents cannot be customised.


Our shampoo and conditioner range is a unique collection of products which promote a fantastic looking coat, whilst ensuring active care and protection for your dogs' skin and fur. All of Mutneys shampoos and conditioners are made in the UK and are manufactured with natural oils and essences, this means that it won't strip a dogs' coat of the natural oils needed to protect it. Proven formulas that have been made this way for over 20 years!

*Made in the UK
*Developed by Professional Groomers
*Biodegradable Shampoos
*No Dyes or Bleaching Agents
*Meets with Kennel Club Standards & EU Regulations
*Outstanding Dilution Rates
*PH Balanced at 5.5 – 6.0


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