Aesculap BaseCut Trimmer

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XT407 Aesculap® BaseCut Trimmer - £95.00

This is a great little machine for light grooming and styling, plus easy to use for anyone new to grooming. Lightweight at just 160g, low vibration, compact design. Very quiet in operation considering the high stroke rate of 5800spm. Comes with a high quality steel precision snap on blade and four plastic comb attachments (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm) to provide extra length. Always ready - can be used corded or cordless and offers an amazing 2 hours clipping time, with it’s Lithium-ion technology.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you charge ALL cordless trimmers or clippers for at least 12 hours before their first use, in order to ensure the batteries optimum performance and longevity.

Additional product properties:

• works with or without cables – always ready, even if the battery is empty
• excellent cutting results thanks to Aesculap grinding of the clipping head
• very manoeuvrable thanks to its small, slim design and weight of just 160g
• very quiet despite high stroke rate


Drive: DC motor, approx. 5,800 strokes/min
Battery technology: 1400 mAh, Lithium-ion
Weight: 160g
Run time: approx. 130 min
Charging time: approx. 160 min
Supplied package: / Pièces fournies : 1 BaseCut battery-operated clipper (XT407)
+1 clipping head (XT607) (0.5 mm)
+ 1 battery charger
+ 1 Aesculap oil (GT604)
+ 1 cleaning brush
+ 1 set of clip-on combs (3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm)


 Please note: This clipper may not be kept in stock - please contact us if needed urgently


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